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The following are some general guidelines for various applications. However, as a cheap insurance policy, we specify our products as 4000 PSI.

Fence Posts – 2500 PSI

Residential Sidewalks – 3000 PSI

Patios – 3000 PSI

Footings and Foundations – 3500 PSI

City Sidewalks – 3500 PSI

Hot Tub Pads – 3500 PSI

Driveways – 3500 PSI

Garages – 3500 PSI

Shops – 4000 PSI

Arterial Road Panels – 5000 PSI

We can inject air bubbles into the concrete material by using chemical admixtures, which helps prevent cracking in climates that have lots of freeze/thaw events. These small voids, which are invisible to the naked eye, allow the final product to expand and contract during these events, and minimize cracking. It’s definitely recommended in the Seattle area, especially for flatwork. Foundation contractors sometimes opt for air entrainment, and sometimes opt against it. If desired, our mix designs have approximately 5% air content.

Depending on the mix design, one yard of concrete weighs approximately 3,800 pounds.

At the conclusion of each pour, the customer must provide a location or receptacle for truck washout. The rinse out process uses about 10 gallons of water.


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